Baby Star Rainbow Mat

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Baby Star play mat is a great solution for creating an optimal, safe, learning and playing space for your little one and family. Soft muted color tones and super cute pattern; the play mat is a great solution for the nursery or playroom.

PATTERN: Our play mats are designed with interior design in mind. Cute pattern design with soft muted color tones which makes our mat not only practical but effortnessly stylish.

MATERIAL: This baby floor mat is made entirely out of EVA foam, a soft material that feels great to the touch and protects your child's every step.

SAFETY: Because we put your kid's safety first, we have made sure that our mat for kids are free of lead, BPA, phthalates, or other harmful elements. Fully compliant with the European Safety Standards (EN71).

STORAGE: Simply roll it and put the elastic strap around it

CLEAN & SAFE ENVIRONMENT: The EVA foam interlocking tiles have a 1cm thickness that keeps kids safe and comfy, preventing accidents by isolating them from hard floors. This play mat surface is waterproof and durable, which can be wiped clean with mild soap and water.

CARE: As the play mat is not for outdoor use, it is important to avoid direct sunlight, because it could cause discoloration. In addition, we do not recommend putting your play mat under furniture because it could damage it. While using a vacuum cleaner, avoid high-powered suction and heavy wheels that can damage the mat, especially around the edges. If in doubt, you can use a soft-bristled brush and pan to sweep away debris.

TO USE: To flatten the mat, roll your play mat in the opposite direction to the way it came in your box. Due to the characteristic of this type of foam, you will find pressure marks - from knees or feet, but don't worry the foam will spring back into shape. For longevity, they are not suitable for animals, high heels, heavy or sharp objects. These may damage the play mat, and heavy objects will cause long-lasting indentations.

1. My Play mat is new but has creases on its surfaces. Is this a fault?
Once unrolled you may notice creases on the play mats surface. This is due to being tightly rolled for packaging and is completely normal. In no time the creases will disappear.

2. My play mat is new and has an indendation on the surface of the mat. Is this normal?
The small indentation is caused from the seam on the elastic strap and is very common. This will "pop" out in no time at all!

Product include: Rolled mat x 1 / Elastic Strap x 2 pieces
Product Dimension: L120 x 180 x 1cm (+/- 2%)
Weight: 2.7kg (+/- 2%)
Material: EVA Foam

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