Babymoov 2-in-1 Baby Bottle Brush with Suction

SKU: A006007

Product Features
- Large brush suitable for all sizes of baby's bottles
- Special hard-wearing teat brush provided
- Integrated suction pad for fast hygienic drying

A thorough clean of your baby's bottles is essential for reducing the risk of contamination.
Step 1: always rinse your baby's bottle immediately. As soon as your baby is finished, rinse the bottle copiously with water.
Step 2: pour a few drops of bottle cleaner into your baby's bottle and clean the bottle using hot water and your bottle brush.
Step 3: rinse the bottle in copious clean water and leave it to dry. The Babymoov bottle brush is suitable for all sizes of baby's bottles. It has a special, smaller brush for teats. This practical bottle brush has a suction pad. You can affix it anywhere on your sink, kitchen tiles, etc. for fast hygienic drying.

Brush - Nylon
Handle - PP
Suction pad - Silicone