Babymoov Lovenest Baby Pillow - Sweet Pink

SKU: A050222

Baby pillow anti-flat head

This baby head positioner has been created and patented by a French pediatrician to prevent from flat head. The head support was designed with specific inclination which respects the shape of baby's skull and provides real support without impeding freedom of movement.

Baby pillow with ergonomical head rest for a well-rounded head
Suitable from 0 to 4 months

Why you will love it

- Soft and comfortable for baby
- Can be used everywhere: cot, bouncer, stroller, car seat...
- Ensures good ventilation during baby's sleep
- An efficient preventive measure against plagiocephaly syndrome (flat head)

How avoid baby's flat head?
Have a look to the interview of the pedeatrician Dr Maidenberg who talks about preventive measures to prevent from plagiocephaly syndrome (flat head).

Product benefits
This baby head positioner is a complementary preventive against plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). It provides a real support for baby's head with an adapted shape to avoid flat spot on baby's skull. Besides, it also reassures and soothes baby thanks to its "holding / cocoon" effect that makes the baby feels like in mother's womb. The head positioner also ensures good ventilation during baby's sleep. The Lovenest fits with any bed, baby bouncer, carrycots and pushchairs. It can be used in the maternity hospital.

Technical features
- Breathable fabric/cotton spandex
- Machine washable at 30°
- Filling: High-density foam
- 23 x 23 x 3cm (+/- 2%)
- Product developed by Dr. Manuel Maidenberg, a pediatrician in France
- Well distributed, gentle prop: baby's head doesn't rest only on the back of the skull
- Baby's head lies naturally at the center of the Lovenest
- Can be used from birth on: fits in the bed, with any baby rockers, swings and car seat