Fisher-Price XPE Puzzle Mat - 6 pcs

SKU: YG8025

Play mat is a great product that many parents across the country LOVE. Create a safe and ideal place for babies learning to sit up, crawl or simply to lay down. The surface is soft yet firm so it is equally good for little feet that are just learning to walk and for active toddlers who can use it as a gym mat.

- Play mat is made of Polyethylene which is not harmful to human body and thus widely is used for packing food
- High-density coating improves the durability with comfortable surface
- Square shaped double embossing helps to avoid slipping and helps ventilation - Extra thickness (1.5cm) to reduce the impact of falling
- It is water-proof. You can simply wipe it with tissue or damp cloth
- High-density XPE foam for better cushioning, reduce noise & shielding of cold air & humidity from floor

- It is an environmental friendly and non-toxic play mat that is passed the European Safety Standard


Product Size:
1 piece - Approx. L23.6" X W23.6" X T0.6" / L60_X W60 X T1.5cm (+/- 1cm)
6 piece -Approx. L47.2" X W70.9" X T0.6" / L120_X W180 X T1.5cm (+/- 1cm)

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