Genki Mammy Extra Large Sanitary Pads - 6 Pack

SKU: 10112
Product Feature:
- Soft feel dry top layer is designed to absorb and hold liquid to prevent leakage.
- High absorbent molecules help holding fluid deep
- The upper and lower pulp absorbs a higher volume efficiently and to prevent inner filling securely in place
- Sealed on four sizes and upper and bottom. It prevent leakage efficiently
- Fragrance free

Who to use:
Made for women going through postpartum
Made for women going through menstruation
Extra protection for little ones learning how to use the toilet or changing diaper
For elder people or patients

Non-Woven Fabric, High Absorbent Molecules, High Quality Pulp, Waterproof??Polyethylene Membrane

Product Size:
40 x 70cm (+/- 2%)

Storage Method:
Please storage under cool and dry condition

Caution: When dealing with heavy flow, please change the pad frequently to keep the area dry and clean. Please use the pad frequently once opened, and do not dispose into toilet. Please consult to doctor if it causes any discomfort.

Made in Taiwan