Genki Mammy Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads-20pcs

SKU: 10111

- High absorbent molecules to keep you dry all the time
- Hexagon pattern surface to prevent leakage with highly efficient dispersion
- Waterproof polyethylene membrane to keep you from leakage even with heavy flow
- 30cm wide slip-resistant back tape to keep the pad securely in place

Who to use: after delivery, menstrual period

Materials: Non-woven fabric, high absorbent molecules, high-quality pulp, waterproof_polyethylene membrane

Size: 13x38cm (20pcs)

Storage Method: Please storage under cool and dry condition

Caution: When dealing with heavy flow, please change the pad frequently to keep the area dry and clean._Please use the pad frequently once opened, and do not dispose into toilet. Please consult to the doctor if it causes any discomfort.