i-angel Dr. Dial Plus 2-in-1 Hip Seat Carrier - Charcoal

i-angel Dr. Dial Plus All-in-one Hip Seat Carrier - Line Grey


The NEW UPGRADED Dr. Dial Plus provides extra comfort for your back with the back support and adds that perfect feeling of tightness with the dial system. Stick it completely to your body by tightening the dial once more!

The detachable back support helps reduce heavy burden on the parent waist and to enhance a correct posture.

The All-in-one is suitable for newborn (1 month) to toddler (below 20kg). You can use it for beast-feeding for infants and as a carrier for babies aged 30 days old or older. When they turn 3 months old and gain some strength in their waist and neck (depending on each baby’s growth development), you can use the product as a hip seat carrier. With just ONE purchase, you can use it for all stages as your baby grows.

The reason why Dr. Dial is so special
1. Dial system located on the waist strap adds tightness to enhance comfort for you.
2. Detachable back support that perfectly supports your waist
3. Weight dispersion effect by 54.1% verified by our tests
4. Detachable head support that props up your baby’s head
5. Dual foam that minimizes pressure on your abdomen
6. Comfortable one touch magnetic buckle and rail guide
7. Certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)
8. All-in-one baby hip seat carrier suitable for babies 30 days to 36 months old (20kg)

Suitable Age: 1-36 months
Max. Loading Weight: 20kg
Waist Size: Approx. 60.9cm(24”) - 106.6cm(42”)
Product Weight: Hip Seat Carrier 820g / Baby Carrier 733g (+/- 3%)
Product Includes: Hipseat, Baby Belt, Main Panel, Windproof Cap, Cotton Teething Pads & Bib
Safety Standard: KC Certificate / European Safety Standard (Child use and care articles - Baby Carriers)

Made in Korea