Babymoov Cosydream Sleeping Positioner

SKU: A050406

Help baby lie in the perfect position for safe, comfortable sleeping.
Designed alongside healthcare professionals, the unique shape of the Cosydream was specifically created to help baby sleep in the most comfortable position on her back, ensuring optimal safety. Cosydream's innovative shape helps reduce the chance of reflux, plagiocephaly (flat head) and uncomfortable stretching of the stomach muscles.

Cosydream is the ultimate sleep aid to help support??baby??to sleep in the perfect position, from birth up to 4 months. The built-in head pillow offers??a subtle??support to??baby's??skull to combat plagiocephaly (flat head) and promote the development of a desired rounded shape. The leg support??roll??is detachable and adjustable, so the position of the legs can be altered following baby's growth, keeping legs in a comfortable position a bit closer to the fetal position they are used to. The elevation of the legs helps to reduce the chance of reflux, creates the ideal back position and discourages any strain on the stomach muscles that might occur if the baby's legs were flat. Cosydream's soft, breathable and unrestricted shell provides a reassuring cocoon for baby.

Professional Recommendation:
Avni Trivedi says I've recommended the Cosydream to clients with babies suffering from reflux, and to reduce the chance of flattening of the soft bones of the skull. It's safe and sturdy but comfy for a small baby. I've even taken to using one in the clinic as it keeps babies snug during their osteopathic sessions.

NOTE: Safe use of Cosydream is recommended from birth up to 4-6 months or until baby is capable of turning over on their own.

Product Features
- Soft cotton fabric and memory foam is both??cosy??and supportive for baby
- Made with breathable fabric
-"Built in"??head pillow supports baby's growing skull
- Leg support??roll??is detachable and can be adjusted easily using Velcro
- Suitable for use on flat surfaces in cots and Moses baskets

Product Benefits
- The ultimate head and body support to encourage the perfect natural position for baby to sleep comfortably on his/her back
- Head pillow??reduce??the chance of plagiocephaly (flat head) by spreading pressure evenly across??baby's??skull
- Leg support roll gently elevates legs to prevent reflux and alleviate any pressure on stomach muscles
- Breathable mesh fabric helps to keep baby cool

Technical details
Dimensions: 58 x 38 x 8cm (+/-2%)
Washable at 30??C