Babymoov Hygro(+) Night Light Humidifier

SKU: A047011

- Noiseless multi-function humidifier and oil diffuser
- Regulates the safest humidity level (recommended for baby 40-50%)
- Reduces the symptoms of illness and respiratory conditions
- Stops skin, throat and lungs from being irritated or drying out
- Promotes easier air flow and breathing for baby

Keep the room moist with the noiseless, multi-function, cool mist humidifier, Hygro+
Health Benefits of Hygro(+)
Helps to reduce...
- Coughing and development of colds
- Risk of conjunctivitis
- Risk of bronchitis
- Nasal infections
- Irritations of the nose
- Asthma
- Tiredness
- Dry skin

Product Features
- Digital display of humidity rate, temperature and time: Monitor room temperature and humidity
- Manual or automated control: Regulate desired humidity levels throughout the day and night time with the automation function
- Adjustable steam output at 360°
- 5 vapour flow rate setting
- Sleek backlit touch screen (use at night)
- Colour-changing night light function (7 colours)
- Essential oil diffuser
- With a full tank of water, Hygro(+) will run for optimal 22 hours to guarantee automated control from baby's bedtime to waking up and longer
- Hygro(+) will automatically turn off when water level is too low. This ensures the product is always safe when unattended

3 top tips for protecting baby from air pollutants and allergens
- Air the room for 10 minutes a day (winter and summer).This will reduce the concentration of pollutants in your home
- Check your ventilation system regularly to ensure proper air circulation
- Use a humidifier in the nursery and home to purify the air and monitor/control the humidity level

Technical Details
- Materials PP/ABS + PS (Base)
- AC 220-240 V - 50 60 HZ
- Room Size: 215ft / 20m²
- Product Dimension: 26.8 x 24.2 x 35cm (+/- 2%)

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