KUKU Dream Balloon Sweat Towel

Type: Towels
SKU: KU2602

Enjoy playing in summer, it helps to absorb sweat without catching a cold.
100% Cotton ????? Free of fluorescent agent ????? Fast dry ????? Breathable

Reason of how children can catch the cold when sweating:
- The fabric of their clothes is not breathable.
- Sweat stay on children body
- Sweat towel is too small that not able to absorb the sweat

1. For feeding
2. Burp cloth
3. Bib
4. Sweat towel

Technical Details:
Quantity: 1 piece
Product Dimension of Size M: 22 x 27cm / Open-up 22 x 45cm (+/- 2%)
Material: 100% Cotton

Made in Taiwan