KUKU Take-Apart Spoon and Fork Tongs

SKU: KU3032

Innovative patent design of the training spoon/fork set for toddlers to learn self-feed and can be easily turned into a pair of food tongs, helping moms to prepare baby?????s food. When using the Spoon and Fork Tongs along with its great partner KU.KU Duckbill Take-Apart Food Scissors, moms are able to hold food with one hand while cutting it into chunks with the other without scratching the tableware. Made of safe and non-toxic 18-8 (304 food grade) stainless steel to make the toddlers' mealtime healthy and fun???

Fork: Special jagged-edge design keeps noodles from slipping off and makes it safer for toddlers to use.

Spoon: Flat-angled curve design makes the spoon fitter to the bottom part inside the bowl and helps the toddlers eat up the food in the bowl more easily.

Tongs: When assembled into tongs, the combined structure (with patent certificate) of spoon and fork can be used by either left-handed or right-handed and allows moms to hold food easily while cutting without the concerns of scratching the tableware.

Maintenance???After cleaning the set, wipe it with a dry cloth until it is completely dry, and then assemble it back into tongs. It can only be sterilized with boiling water and steam.

Applicable Ages???12 months and up ?? ?? ?? ??

Content???Spoon x 1, Fork x 1

Handle - Polypropylene(PP) (Heat-resistance temperature: 100??C)
Stainless Steel - 18-8 (304 Food grade) (Heat-resistance temperature: 180??C)

Made in Taiwan